Valley County

Brian Naugle

Serving the Citizens of Valley County since October 2020

I have lived in Idaho for over 30 years. I attended Boise State University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance and the University of Idaho where I attended law school. After graduating from law school, I spent 15 terrific years working as a Deputy Prosecutor in Ada County. In 2020, I ran for the Valley County Prosecutor’s post and was fortunate enough to be elected by the fine folks in Valley County. I love the State of Idaho and I love Valley County and I feel very fortunate to call them both home.

The community inside my house includes my wife and three teenagers. The teenagers participate in various sports, youth groups, and school activities. This means my community involvement generally involves coaching a sport, leading some school or extracurricular youth function, or traveling to and from various events. When time allows, I get out and support the local ski resorts, rivers, mountain bike trails, and wilderness areas.

I became a prosecutor because one of my mentors, retired Ada County Prosecutor, Greg Bower, offered me a job after law school and I felt like prosecution was a good fit. I’ve stayed a prosecutor because the work is noble work. Working with law enforcement to maintain a safe and prosperous community is something that I find rewarding and something that I take great pride in doing. There are very few careers that are tougher than this one but being able to serve the community in which you live in such an important way is an honor and a privilege.


Brian Naugle