Twin Falls County

Grant Loebs

Serving the Citizens of Twin Falls County Since 1997

I am committed to Twin Falls County and to working for the safety of its citizens. I view my job as much more than just prosecuting offenders. When I took office as the Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney, I established a specialized domestic violence program to aggressively fight the plague of intimate partner violence. I also created the Magic Valley’s first dedicated Drug Prosecution Unit to attack the huge influx of illegal drugs into our community. At the same time, I have been at the forefront of providing non-incarceration alternatives to those addicted to controlled substances. I was instrumental in establishing one of the first drug courts in Idaho and have created a unique Substance Abuse Recovery Program in Twin Falls County to help treat first-time drug offenders—allowing them to recover and go through life without the stigma of a felony conviction on their records.

I was raised in Pocatello, Idaho, where I graduated from Pocatello High School and went on to attend and graduate from Idaho State University with High Honors.
In 1983, I went to Washington, D.C. to work as a Legislative Assistant for Defense and Foreign Policy for Idaho’s U.S. Senator Steven D. Symms. In 1987, President Reagan appointed me to a position in the Pentagon where I served as Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense until the end of the Reagan Administration.

I attended law school in the evening while working full-time in the Pentagon from 1987-1991. I graduated from the George Washington University National Law Center with Honors in 1991 and was admitted to the Bar in Idaho, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. As the Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney, I currently manage an office of 15 attorneys and 20 staff and a budget of $2.2 million.

Since 2012, I have awarded Twin Falls County high school students scholarships to the College of Southern Idaho as part of the Drug-Free Scholarship Program I established for students committed to remaining drug free. To date this scholarship program has helped fund the higher education of 21 Twin Falls students.

Beyond the borders of Twin Falls County I have enjoyed assisting my fellow prosecutors, serving as the President of the Idaho Prosecuting Attorney’s Association (IPAA) in 2004, 2005 and 2017. I have served on the IPAA Board of Directors since 1998 and on the Board of Directors of the National District Attorneys Association since 2006. I have also served on the Governor’s Idaho Criminal Justice Commission since its creation in 2005.

I can think of no other place I would rather live than Idaho, and no other job in the law as fulfilling and important as that of a prosecuting attorney. It is the prosecutor’s job — always — to do what is right and just. There are not many jobs, in the law or elsewhere, where that is the case. The prosecutors in my office all share the same commitment: To see that justice is done in every case within our jurisdiction—not that we win at all costs, nor obtain the maximum punishment for every offender. As prosecutors we neither exact vengeance nor serve the individual or personal interests of ourselves or a paying client. Citizens trust prosecutors with their liberty and look to us to ensure their safety. It is always my first duty to ensure that justice is done for all who engage with the criminal justice system in Twin Falls County. This is my continuing commitment to my community. This is why I became a prosecutor.


Grant Loebs