Shoshone County

Keisha Oxendine

Serving the Citizens of Shoshone County Since 2012

As a long-time resident of this community and graduate of Wallace High School, I am passionate about Shoshone County and all it has to offer. My husband and I are raising our 4 children in this community because of the life it has to offer them: support, opportunities, and achievement in the pursuit of their dreams. It is the support of this community that allowed me to achieve my dreams of becoming a prosecutor. I began working for Hollis J. Anderson, a local Wallace attorney, at the age of 16. This is a mentorship opportunity that was only made possible through a local teacher at Wallace High School who knew of my passion and pursuit of a career in the law. I am now blessed with the opportunity to give back to my community and to make decisions daily that have a direct impact on the safety of my children and the citizens of Shoshone County.

In addition to serving as the Shoshone County Prosecutor, I can usually be found volunteering for local organizations who seek to improve opportunities for youth and adults in the community. Wrapping gifts for the local Christmas Fund, participating in “Shop with a Cop,” or serving pancakes to raise funds for local scholarships are some of my favorite volunteer activities.

As a young law student, I knew becoming a prosecutor was one of the most significant ways to directly impact my hometown in a positive way. It has always been my mission to pursue case outcomes that promote public safety and instill confidence in our justice system. I recognized early on in my career that being a prosecutor allowed me to ensure that the rights afforded to an individual by the Constitution are protected in the pursuit of justice, and allowed me to play a direct role in making decisions that make our neighborhoods safer. The role of a prosecutor comes with great responsibility, and as a long-time member of this community, I knew that my prosecutorial role was the way to ensure a safer tomorrow for our children.


Keisha Oxendine