Payette County

Mike Duke

Serving the citizens of Payette County since 2020

As a jolly fellow, I enjoy a good laugh. My undergraduate degree is in mechanical engineering and I love all creative processes. I also have a strong sense of justice, which is what led me to prosecution work. While I am a softy sometimes, I do possess righteous indignation when I read cases where people have violated property or personal rights of others. I enjoy being in this work and have a great desire to do it well.

I prosecute the crimes, and give legal advice to the county in civil matters. Apart from serving the community by prosecuting crimes and giving legal advice to the county in civil matters, I am involved in my church (even if somewhat reluctantly from time to time, (if the almighty is reading this, that was a joke, I swear-I mean promise, maybe)) and I try to spend my money locally. I enjoy community events a great deal and enjoy being out and seeing what people are up too.

I want to help my community improve by holding offenders accountable but also help improve the culture in our county. I feel I am well suited for this work and enjoy it. I made the personal decision that I was going to do my best to be a force for good in whatever capacity I could be, and I think being the prosecutor allows me to help a lot of people.


Mike Duke