Gooding County

Trevor Misseldine

Serving the citizens of Gooding County since 2020

I live in Gooding where my family has owned land within the County for nearly seven decades. Besides farming, my maternal grandfather worked for the National Fish Hatchery in Hagerman; while my paternal grandfather worked at the state hatchery.

Both my parents are graduates of Hagerman High School. After high school my father joined the Army. Wherever we were stationed, my mom would pack us kids up in the summers and bring us home – to Hagerman. When my dad was deployed overseas we moved back to Idaho without him. As a child I would always wonder why we didn’t just live here. As an adult, when I could decide where I lived, I came home to Gooding County. I love this place. I love the people here.

My family and I participate in the community through our schools, volunteer organizations, and our church. I plan to expand that past my own family’s activities by working with school officials to make sure those most vulnerable in our community, our children and grandchildren, are safe. We can open up opportunities for children with good people in the right places. One of the first signs there is a problem is when children start missing school. Early intervention – it is the key to success. We need to maximize the ability of our schools, rec districts, and other community groups to protect and support our children and grandchildren.

I became a prosecutor to hold those individuals who commit crime accountable for their actions. That is how a prosecutor protects the community they live in. What better calling can one serve in life than to protect one’s home? Gooding County has and always will be my home.


Trevor Misseldine