Gem County

Erick Thomson

Serving the Citizens of Gem County Since 2016

I have been at the Gem County Prosecuting Attorney’s office since 2013, and was elected to the position in 2016. Prior to that, I was a deputy for Canyon County. While in Canyon County, I earned great experience, helping develop the Veterans Treatment Court and serving as the prosecutor for both the Drug Court and the Mental Health Court. However, I jumped at the opportunity to continue and hopefully finish my career here in Gem County.

I grew up here in Gem County, blessed with wonderful teachers – from Butte View to Emmett High and from the family and friends I was surrounded with. I am proud to be from and part of this community.

I support many different charitable organizations when they need assistance, from the Friendship Coalition to school sports and clubs. But I think true involvement is both more personal and more mundane than that. I’ve had the opportunity to see my kids play with the kids of the friends I made here thirty years ago. I have had the same dentist since I was three.

I grew up in Gem County, and have been blessed with the opportunity to serve here in my community. I try to temper my prosecution with the same ideals that make the treatment courts such a success. A prosecutor has the ability to help. I help the victims of crime see justice. I help the accused by treating them fairly and putting them in a position to become better. In both ways, I can make the community better, one person at a time. I get to go home to my family at night knowing that I help to make them, my friends and our community safer. I am grateful to the citizens that have granted me this privilege.


Erick Thomson