Elmore County

Daniel Page

Serving the Citizens of Elmore County Since 2016

I am a fourth generation Idahoan who grew up in a small town in southern Idaho.  One of the small town values I was taught was to value the truth.  This small town value led me to study mathematics at the University of Idaho and law at the College of William and Mary. When I am not working, I enjoy target shooting, reading, and trivia.

I am a board member for the Students for Concealed Carry Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting the Second Amendment rights of college aged students. I have previously served as the parliamentarian for the Elmore County Republican Party and was the youth committeeman for Elmore County to the State Central Committee. In addition to my duties as County Prosecutor, I currently serve as the Prosecuting Attorney for the Elmore County Drug and DUI Court and participate in a multidisciplinary meeting where members of the community work together to combat juvenile delinquency by finding services and resources for parents and children.

I became a prosecutor because my client, the State, is benefited when the truth is discovered, when criminals are found guilty, and when the innocent go free.  I believe the State is benefited when sentences are neither too harsh nor too lenient. Throughout the truth seeking process of the courts, it is my duty to protect the integrity of our judicial system and of due process. There is no way to achieve justice without due process and there is no right way to do the wrong thing.

The most rewarding part of this job is the satisfaction of protecting the community from violent and dangerous people.  Sometimes protecting the community means requiring treatment for people who have drug, alcohol, anger, or psychological problems. Other times, it means incarcerating people who are have been dangerous to our community, such as people who molest children. As Elmore County’s Prosecuting Attorney, my goal is to prosecute thoughtfully, fairly and in a way that keeps our community safe.


Daniel Page