Cassia County

McCord Larsen

Serving the citizens of Cassia County since June 2020

I am a 6th generation resident of Cassia County and the youngest son of Brent and Holly Larsen. I am married with five kids. I enjoy being with my family. I am a cowboy who practices law. I team rope and rodeo for fun.

I served as the Chairman of the FFA Advisory Board for 7 years, ending my last term in 2019. I enjoy working with youth and I continue to advise members of the Burley FFA on parliamentary procedure and other career development events. I volunteer with our county fair board to assist in being chute help during our county fair and rodeo. I am very active in my church and its various volunteer efforts.

Being a prosecuting attorney is a calling, not a career. I enjoy being a prosecuting attorney and the facets of advising a county more than any other area of law I have been involved in, other than adoptions (nothing is better than helping good folks make a new home for a child). No person holds as much potential for helping a community in the legal profession as a prosecuting attorney. Our daily choices determine the destiny of our communities. The thought is sometimes overwhelming, but each day I endeavor to do what I know to be right.


McCord Larsen