Butte County

Steve Stephens

Serving the Citizens of Butte County Since 2005

The most rewarding work of my career as an attorney has been in service of the people of Butte County as Prosecuting Attorney. I am a native Idahoan and I obtained undergraduate degrees from Idaho State University prior to receiving my J.D. from the University of Idaho College of Law. I practiced in many areas of law prior to becoming the Butte County Prosecuting Attorney, and the legal issues and challenges in Butte County continue to be diverse and rewarding.

I chose to accept an appointment as Prosecuting Attorney many years ago because I found myself visiting Butte County often in my free time for recreation and was fortunate enough to be able to make the community my home as well as one of my favorite places to recreate.

Living in a small community, my role as Prosecuting Attorney often converges with many other roles.  I am a member of the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and participate in emergency planning activities outside my role as legal counsel.  I also try to provide legal support outside my role as Prosecuting Attorney to help volunteer organizations such as local EMTs and community improvement groups.

I became Prosecuting Attorney to serve the community. There is no greater reward for a professional than to utilize one’s skills and abilities to improve aspects of a community ranging from administering a successful community safety program to community planning and protecting the community’s values and character.


Steve Stephens