Boundary County

Andrakay Pluid

Serving the citizens of Boundary County since 2020

I was raised in Boundary County and I am honored to be able to serve my hometown as the prosecuting attorney. I am a graduate of Bonners Ferry High School and attended University of Idaho where I received my Bachelor of Science in Political Science. I then attended law school at the University of Idaho and graduated in 2012. I started my prosecution career as the City of Bonners Ferry’s prosecuting and civil attorney after graduation from law school.

My husband and I have three daughters that we have chosen to raise in the same community where we both grew up. In my spare time I enjoy running, reading, baking, and spending time with my family.

Outside of my prosecution role, I am the co-chairman of the Bonners Ferry Distinguished Young Women program; a national scholarship program for high school junior girls. I am a member of the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club and serve as the scholarship committee chair for the local club’s scholarship program. As a mom of school aged kids, I also spend time volunteering in my children’s classes.

Ever since I was in high school I have been fascinated by the law, specifically by prosecutors and the criminal justice system. I felt a strong calling to become a lawyer and never had any doubt that being a prosecutor was the right fit for me. When I was in law school I interned with the Bonner County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the deal was sealed.

Being a prosecutor has always been my career of choice because I felt and continue to feel a strong calling to play a role in keeping my community a safe place to live, work, and raise families. The real and lasting impact I can make on the lives of others is extremely rewarding.


Andrakay Pluid