Bingham County

Paul Rogers

Serving the Citizens of Bingham County Since 2019

I began my legal career as a law clerk for Judge David Nye for a year and a half right out of law school.  I moved on from that position to prosecute with Bonneville County for almost two years prosecuting the city infractions and misdemeanor case load.  From there, I was given an opportunity to come to Bingham County, which is where I have been for the last six years as the Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. In that role, I was in charge of the prosecution of the controlled substances, aggravated crimes, domestic violence crimes and sex crimes.

In the early months of 2019, the Bingham County Prosecuting Attorney position opened up and I was voted into the vacancy. In this position I am handling the violent crimes of Bingham County as well as I am able to assist the county officials in civil issues and I oversee an office of 4 other attorneys and 5 staff. I am grateful for the unique opportunity I have been given to serve Bingham County as the Prosecutor.    I was born and raised here in Bingham.  It is a place where my entire family still remains along with many of my lifelong friends.

Outside of prosecution you can find me taking an engine apart, riding a dirt bike, pretending I can play basketball, messing around with a guitar and piano or trying to learn how to fish properly.  I have a beautiful wife, Leslie, and we have three gorgeous daughters.

I am currently serving as the treasurer for the District Seven Bar Association and I am the chairman for the Eastern Idaho Partnership.  Additionally, my wife plays a significant role in the school PTA which involves a good portion of volunteer work from us.

Prosecution provides a great sense of giving back to the community and making a mark for the better.  I enjoy the unique aspect of the prosecutor role in being able to evaluate the case from the initial steps to make sure that we are, as a county, doing the right thing for the community and making the community a better and safer place to be. I enjoy the challenges the role brings in researching, arguing and discovering new issues and understanding the results.


Paul Rogers