Bannock County

Stephen F. Herzog

Serving the Citizens of Bannock County Since 2012

I was born and raised in Pocatello and could not wait to leave, which I did for close to 10 years. When I returned to practice law with my father, I realized Bannock County is a great place to call home. My time spent in civil practice with my father, and the time I spent as a deputy public defender and a prosecutor for the City of Pocatello, provided me with an understanding of how the laws of the state, counties and cities impacts members of my community, and helped shaped my perspective as a prosecutor and public official: Be compassionate and patient. Protect the vulnerable. Keep your word. Be respectful of the rights of all concerned. Admit your mistakes. Prosecute those who break the law but do so with the goal of doing what is best for the entire community you serve. Be humble. Keep an open door. Educate the community about what your job entails.

I am a board member of the Sixth District CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program; committee member of the Sixth District Citizens’ Law Academy; member of the Pocatello Rotary; and member of a child abuse multi-disciplinary team.

I became an elected prosecutor to become a better prosecutor. To participate in the process of upgrading the effectiveness of this office so that I can give the person who inevitably replaces me something they and the citizens of Bannock County can be proud of.


Stephen F. Herzog