Adams County

Chris Boyd

Serving the Citizens of Adams County Since 2017

I am a father of five and a native Idahoan from Marsh Valley (south of Pocatello). I am a combat veteran, having served as a sergeant in Iraq with the 116th Cavalry Brigade. I’m also an experienced, conservative prosecutor who cares deeply for constitutional rights.

I am a member of the NRA and our local chapter of the American Legion. My kids attend school here in Council and I actively participate in school functions and events. I’m regularly involved in scouting events as well.

I went to law school with the intent to become a prosecutor. I had always wanted to help victims of crimes get justice, and while the job is tough, it matters. As a prosecutor, I get to strive to follow one unbendable principle: Do what is right. I take the sacred trust placed in me by “We the People” very seriously.

I often wish folks could sit with me for a day so they could understand just how much is put into making sure the decisions to prosecute are the right ones. Sometimes the right thing is holding the line and going to jury trial. Other times the right thing is giving a break to a “young and dumb” kid. It’s a tough job, no doubt about it. But being a prosecutor is most rewarding in its unique ability to do both the right thing and stand up for the downtrodden.


Chris Boyd