Bear Lake County Prosecutor’s Office – Prosecuting Attorney


$65,000 - $75,000 DOE (plus medical, dental, vision & PERSI)




Paris, ID

Job Posted On:

June 2, 2022

Closing Date:

Open until further notice


Bear Lake County Commissioners are seeking applicants for Bear Lake County Prosecutor. In accordance with Idaho Code 59-907, the Commissioners reserve the right to appoint and/or contract with an attorney from outside the county to perform the duties of prosecuting attorney for the balance of the unexpired term or for such shorter period as the board of county commissioners shall determine. If a candidate is appointed and not contacted, he/she will be required to reside in Bear Lake County within 60 days of the appointment.


This position requires knowledge of both civil and criminal law, powers and duties of the prosecuting attorney, legislative process, state criminal procedure, and rules of evidence.
Graduation from an accredited law school and a valid license to practice law in the State of Idaho is required. Nature and extent of previous work experience will be taken into consideration during the hiring process. Competitive applicants will have meaningful experience in criminal law and/or civil matters affecting public entities. Applicants must also pass any necessary criminal background checks require to work for a government agency. Idaho Code See Idaho Code 31-2601 for the Prosecuting Attorney qualifications.

How To Apply:

How To Apply:
All eligible applicants shall submit a cover letter, resume, and two professional references, together with any questions they may have about the position, to [email protected]. Submission of the cover letter, resume, and two professional references, shall serve, and be considered as written consent as provided for in Idaho Code 74-106(1) to disclosure of the applicant’s name and other information not otherwise exempt from disclosure pursuant to Idaho’s Public Records Act.

Bear Lake County is an equal opportunity employer in the state of Idaho. Employment is at-will.