Prosecution News

Idaho News:

Idaho Sheriff’s Association, Idaho Fraternal Order of Police, and Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association respond to Representative Perry’s article titled: “How Conservatives Learned to Love Free Lawyers for the Poor By reframing the issues around the evils of big government, Republicans are notching victories that have eluded more liberal legislatures” (September 24, 2017).


Ada County receives grant to help alleviate overcrowding in jails.


Bannock County Designated as Part of the Oregon-Idaho HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas).


Shoshone-Bannock Tribes win more than $20M court judgment against FMC Corporations for unpaid permit fees.


Thanks to the donations, Shoshone County can now provide narcan kit and first aid kit specifically for drug detection K9.


Jim Risch (R-Idaho) to looks succeed Bob Corker as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman


Kootenai County Prosecutors will call their last witness October 10, 2017, before wrapping up their case against Jonathan D. Renfro who is accused of shooting and killing Sgt. Greg Moore.


Nez Perce Tribe’s General Fall Council meetings focused on police staffing.


Legislative battle taking shape again over how best to protect Idaho crime victims’ rights.


Washington state and the city of Seattle joined over two dozen government entities in Seattle, Washington, suing to hold opioid makers accountable for the 60% increase in opioid related hospital stays between 2009-2014.


Judge Michael Direda, Ogden, Utah, called the sentencing of Jason Reed Barber’s 45 day sentencing for stealing more than $200,000 from his friend: “comical” and “ridiculous.”  Judge Direda increased Barber’s sentence to 1-15 years in prison.