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The IPAA is involved in a number of proposed bills each legislative session. IPAA members may send suggested legislation to:

IPAA Legislative Counsel

Holly Koole

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2016 Legislative Update

The 2016 Idaho legislative update is now available. Please review the changes that have become effective or will become effective July 1, 2016.

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Prosecutor's Encyclopedia(PE)

Idaho prosecutors who would like to access PE (the national prosecutor Brief Bank & resource) should send an email to: PE-Help@NYPTI.org.

The email must be from your official office e-mail address, include name, office, contact info and should contain a link to your attorney verification from the following link from the Idaho State Bar -- CLICK HERE.

PE-Help@NYPTI.org will provide information on accessing the site.

DeMystifying the Use of Video at Trial -- By Sean Smith

Great article regarding the use of video at trial. Click below to download a copy.

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2016 IPAA Salary Survey

The Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association has conducted the 2016 Salary Survey of all Idaho counties.

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The following resources provide you with quick access to recent state and federal cases.

You can access recent Idaho Supreme Court and Idaho Court of Appeals decisions by Clicking Here. You can also view recent rule changes, proposed rule changes, oral argument calendar and numerous other court-related matters at this site.)

If you are interested in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decisions, go to www.ce9.uscourts.gov

United States Supreme Court decisions can be obtained through the following web sites. Access the Cornell University collection of U.S. Supreme Court cases at supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/index.html, or go to the official United States Supreme Court web site at www.supremecourtus.gov.



Web Resources

Local National
Idaho State Bar Natl Assoc. of Prosecutor Coordinators
Idaho Attorney General National District Attorneys Association
Idaho Association of Counties National Conference of State Legislatures
Idaho Transportation Department U.S House of Representatives
Idaho Department of Corrections U.S. Congress
Idaho POST Academy National Center for Victims of Crime
Idaho State Police Natl Organization for Victim Assistance
Idaho Sheriffs' Association National Sheriffs' Association
Idaho Chiefs of Police Assoc. National Criminal Justice Association
Idaho MADD Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)
Drug Free Idaho Equal Justice Works
John R. Justice Program
Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance American Legislative Exchange Council




Victim's Address Confidentiality Program

Idaho Code § 19-5701 et seq was enacted in 2008. It permits vulnerable victims who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or malicious harassment to change their address and receive mail through the Secretary of State in order to keep their home addresses confidential so that offenders cannot locate them. It prevents agencies from having to disclose home addresses through public records' requests when the victim has received address confidentiality protection per this statute. Victims who seek protection under this law must fill out applications and comply with the requirements set forth in the statute in order to receive this protection. One of the requirements is that a victim provide a certified copy of a protection order issued per § 39-6306 or provide a certified statement from a prosecutor stating that the individual is a victim of crime as specified § 19-5702(2)(b) (see that section of the statute for specific crimes/those code sections are also listed on the attached form).

CLICK HERE to download the certification form the Secretary of State has provided to use if we have victims seeking address confidentiality protection.