IPAA Employees

IPAA Mission Statement

2017 Officers

Grant Loebs
Twin Falls County

Vice President
Zach Pall
Lewis County

Jan Bennetts
Ada County

Daniel Clark
Bonneville County

Board of Directors

District 1
Keisha Oxendine
Shoshone County

District 2
Zachary Pall
Lewis County

District 3
Ross Pittman
Payette County

District 4
Jan Bennetts
Ada County

District 5
Grant Loebs
Twin Falls County

District 6
Vic Pearson
Franklin County

District 7
Daniel Clark
Bonneville County

Executive Director
Sandee Meyer

Administrative Specialist
Amy Ellsworth

Legislative Counsel
Holly Koole

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor
Jared Olson









To educate, train and assist Idaho's Prosecuting Attorneys in the pursuit of justice; to foster and encourage communication and cooperation between Idaho's Prosecuting Attorneys and their partners in law enforcement; and, to be the voice of Idaho's Prosecuting Attorneys in support of their efforts to protect
the rights and safety of the people.



About the Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association


The Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association (IPAA) is a nonprofit corporation whose members are the elected County Prosecutors, over 200 Deputy Prosecutors, and a number of associate members to include Municipal Attorneys, Idaho Attorneys General, U.S. Attorneys, Tribal Attorneys and many others. The primary functions of the Association are education through seminars, publications and technical support.

The IPAA sponsors an annual Winter Conference (February) and an annual Summer Conference (August). The IPAA also sponsors a number of other seminars and trainings on an as needed basis to include: Newly Elected Prosecutors Course, New Prosecutors Course, and a number of Trial Advocacy trainings developed by the Idaho Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP).

In addition to the written materials that accompany each training, the IPAA has produced the following publications: Idaho Search & Seizure Law Desktop Manual, For The Road – a quarterly traffic crimes newsletter, and we are currently in the process of developing other publications for Idaho prosecutors.

The IPAA is governed by a Board comprised of 7 elected County Prosecutors representing each of the 7 Judicial Districts in Idaho. The IPAA office consists of an Executive Director, an Administrative Assistant, a Legislative Representative and a Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor.